Winchell’s Donuts La Habra

Winchell’s is the Original Donut House, and “Home of the Warm ‘n Fresh Donut®,”. Winchell’s Donut Shop in La Habra is not only part of the West Coast’s largest donut chain but one of the most unique and fully functional cafe and restaurant.

Our donut shop in La Habra isn’t just donuts, (even though we offer 70 varieties of Warm ‘n Fresh™ donuts) and bakery products, but offer both : hot and cold sandwiches, fresh brewed naturally flavored coffees, cinnamon rolls, muffins, bagels, croissants, and even health conscious fresh squeezed juices.

Winchell’s donuts only uses top-grade fruit fillings, cinnamon and nutmeg, bittersweet chocolate frosting and pure vegetable oil (no animal fats) for a better donut. With a personal touch for service for your everyday breakfast, lunch or dinner needs you can be assured that our “donut shop” is available 24 hours a day when you need a break from the ordinary.

Founder: Verne H. Winchell opened his first donut shop on October 8, 1948, in Temple City, CA


Winchell’s is seeking individuals for restaurant ownership. Ideal candidates have the desire and willingness to personally devote full-time efforts to operate and manage their own business.

The understanding of a franchise relationship and the importance of maintaining the integrity of the Winchell’s brand.
* A proven background that highlights business savvy, financial management, and strong interpersonal skills.
* Approximately $75,000 of non-borrowed funds and a net-worth of $200,000. (Financial requirements may vary by geographical region.)

Why Winchell's?

* Over 55 years of history and Warm ‘n Fresh® product.
* Superior proprietary product.
* Small franchise investment.
* Training and support.

Available Markets:

United States of America
Winchell’s is actively seeking franchisees for the following markets*:
Riverside County
San Bernardino County
San Diego County
San Francisco
South Orange County
Colorado Springs
Denver (and surrounding area)
Portland (and surrounding area)
Seattle (and surrounding area)

Real Estate Requirements:

A key element to the success of any quick service restaurant is location. The following information outlines the basic requirements Winchell’s looks for when choosing a site.
Store Building Types:
Freestanding, Inline, or End Cap Building Size 1,000 – 1,500 sq. ft.
Winchell’s Real Estate Site Criteria:
Lot Size 15,000 – 20,000 sq. ft.
Parking 6 – 10 (dedicated spaces)
Visibility Excellent
Ingress / Egress Excellent (signalized intersection desired)
Signage Pole (preferred)
Monument Seating Required 15 – 20 approx.
Resident Population 20,000 in 1 mile radius
Daytime Population 8,000 in 1 mile radius
Household Income (Median) $20,000 – $60,000
Traffic (Average Daily Count) 12,000 (going to work side of street)

How much does a Winchell’s franchise cost?

New restaurant costs will vary from region to region. The size of the restaurant facility, area of the country, pre-opening expenses, inventory, equipment, signage, and style of decor and landscaping will affect new restaurant costs. These costs are paid to suppliers. In addition, at the time of execution of the franchise agreement, an initial franchise fee is paid to Winchell’s for each new franchise opened.

How much cash will I need to open a Winchell’s franchise?

To open a single unit, $75,000 of un-borrowed funds is required.

Will Winchell’s finance the remaining funds required to franchise?

Winchell’s does not provide any financing. Financing must be provided by other legal resources.

How is the royalty fee structured?

Winchell’s royalties are based on net sales (gross sales less discounts and sales tax). A five percent royalty and a three percent advertising fee is charged on net sales.

What if I want to franchise in a location that is not listed on the Available Markets page?

Winchell’s will consider other markets but will require a multi-unit commitment and additional financial requirements.

Thank you for your interest in franchising with Winchell’s. The form below can be printed with Adobe® Acrobat® Software. Franchise Application (519Kb) Franchise Application (519Kb) Please fill out the application completely and sign the last page. Then, mail or fax your application to the address provided below. Applications are normally reviewed within five working days of receipt. Please allow seven working days for response. Should you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected]



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